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We are a Full-Service Design Company, from concept creation, to implementation and of course maintenance.

We bring
a holistic approach
to concept design

We take a holistic approach to store design, starting from the business objectives of our clients, and the characteristics of their customers and the market they operate in.

Your business needs
are our starting point

Together with our clients, we analyze the business needs and objectives. We identify and profile the customers and their service needs, as well as the specifics of the market.


We are the experts
when it comes to
chain store roll-outs

Over the last 30 years, we have become the experts in the store concept implementation for small and large clients, with a track record of more than1.000 stores.


Ensuring peace of mind
via excellence in maintenance

Our maintenance services are tailored to prolong the useful life of the stores and to manage the total cost of ownership.

  • We have built our expertise dealing with every aspect of store network development for the past 30 years

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  • We have been trusted by some of the biggest retail chains in Greece and Cyprus, such as OPAP, Germanos, WIND and others.

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    Retail Chains

  • Over the past 15 years, Flexus has developed a unique blend of experience and expertise.

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  • Brian Karey

    CEO, Simply Burgers

    We have a
    unique relationship with our clients

    Flexus delivered exactly what we required with outstanding build quality and exceptional project management

  • Panikos Pavlides

    Director, Electroline

    We have a
    unique relationship with our clients

    Our vision was to create a space that delivered on our moto "come to tomorrow". Flexus did just that!

  • Port

  • Street Wok

    The challenge was to introduce to the Greek market a new, competitive concept of what a street food experience is.
  • Electroline

    The ambition for this project was to create a new, unique retail identity for the Electroline stores.
  • Simply Burger

    The aim was to create a fresh re-launch in the food and beverage industry with a new Simply Burger diner concept.
  • Pirelli

    Flexus was assigned to plan and construct the new Pirelli headquarters in Greece.
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