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We take a holistic approach to store design, starting from the business objectives of our clients, and the characteristics of their customers and the market they operate in.
Based on the thorough understanding of all these elements, we can optimize store design that enhances the bottom line, keeping total cost of ownership in mind.
Furthermore, we support our clients through the whole store lifecycle: from initial Concept Design, to implementation, and store maintenance.
We aspire to be your trusted one-stop-shop for developing and preserving your business, whether it is small or a large chain of stores.

Our Expertise

Concept Design



We offer retail and F&B clients our services under three different business lines

Concept Design

Together with our clients, we analyze the business needs and objectives. We identify and profile the customers and their service needs, as well as the specifics of the market. Once we gained insight into all these elements, we can start designing the optimal store configuration that delivers tangible business results and add to our client’s bottom line.


Over the last 30 years, we have become the experts in the store concept implementation or roll-out for small and large clients, with a track record of more than 1000 stores. We manage the implementation from start to finish using trusted partners to deliver on time and budget.


We offer 24/7 calamity service to ensure as little as possible downtime for your business in case something breaks down. Furthermore, we provide preventive maintenance service to always keep your equipment up to date and address equipment break downs before they happen.


A unique approach to
Concept Design

At Flexus we look at design as a means to realize business and commercial goals. This means that next to its aesthetical attractiveness, the main purpose of a concept design is to realize commercial success. An implemented design should be cost effective over its life cycle while at the same time driving revenue. In order to achieve that we use a methodology that consists of 4 phases: Analysis, Strategy, Concept Design and Concept Development.


As each client is unique, we start every project by analyzing the specific needs and particularities of that client. We need to understand who you are, your goals, your customers and competitors. Our approach entails listening carefully and asking questions purposefully. Together with you we clearly define the scope, expectations and requirements. Based on this we produce an agreed upon brief that will serve as the basis for a tailor-made design solution that will give you a competitive edge in your market.


Equipped with the thorough analysis and the resulting brief we define the strategic framework of the project. We specify the specific guidelines that will govern the concept design in order to achieve your business goals. Amongst others the guidelines will include defining the touch-points in the store and how customers will interact with these.

Concept Design

Only when we have a good understanding of your business and agreed on a clear strategy and guidelines, we are ready to start the actual design process. Through sketches, drawings, material boards and renders we explore and test the opportunities of the physical space. This is an iterative process where we explore multiple options in order to arrive at the optimal solution for each store. In case of a chain store, we ensure consistency throughout the store network.

Concept Development

During the development stage we translate the concept into detail technical drawings, sketches & furniture prototyping, to be used as a basis for implementation. In all of this we keep a close eye to the total cost of ownership. This means that we do not look only at the direct cost of implementation but also the cost of maintaining the store or chain. In doing so we try to optimize the costs throughout the life cycle of the store or chain and thus extending the useful life of the project.

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