Quality Policy

Flexus have been part of some of the largest store network development and remodeling projects in Greece, working in parallel with both greek and international creative and marketing agencies.
We take a holistic approach to store design, starting from the business objectives of our clients, and the characteristics of their customers and the market they operate in.Based on the thorough understanding of all these elements, we can optimize store design that enhances the bottom line,keeping total cost of ownership in mind.Furthermore, we support our clients through the whole store lifecycle: from initial Concept Design, to implementation, and store maintenance.We aspire to be your trusted one-stop-shop for developing and preserving your business, whether it is small or a large chain of stores. The Management of FLEXUS, is contacting business under the control of a quality management system governed by ISO 9001:2015 standards.  FLEXUS Policy obtains client satisfaction by: 

• Responding promptly and accurately to customer inquiries and orders 
• Offering qualitative, value for money and reliable products to its customers 
• Ensuring that its management and staff are fully trained to meet the requirements of the business and its customers 
• Constantly striving to meet and where possible exceed its customer's expectations 
• Working closely with its customers and suppliers in order to establish the highest quality standards 
• Adopting a forward-looking view on future business decisions which may have an impact on quality 
• Training all members of staff accordingthe needs and responsibilities of quality management systems
• Providing a professional after sales support service to its customers
• Being one step forward by the competition

To meet the specific customer requirements, FLEXUS applies a quality management system in conjunction with other management controls, described in the Quality Manual. 
Responsibility for upholding this policy is a Company-wide commitment under the guidance and with the assistance of senior management who encourages personal commitment of all staff to address quality as part of their skills & competencies. 

It is FLEXUS policy to make sure that this quality management system is constantly in place and that it preserves fully the ISO 9001:2015 standards by taking corrective measures and through an action list such as: training sessions, annual reviews, integration of ISO 9001:2015 to newly established departments and employees. 

FLEXUS complies with all applicable legislation and regulatory requirements relevant to its industry, including all health and safety regulations and seeks for continuous improvement of its management system.

Managing Director

Anargyros Kakaletsis