The New Bioemtech

Design and development of
new premises

The project
Concept design and development of Bioemtech’s new premises.
Bioemtech is a multidisciplinary team with strong background in biomedical engineering, medical physics, radiochemistry, nanomedicine and small animal handling, offering Bioemission Technology Solutions in Greece and abroad

The Challenge
Manage and deliver the radical renovation of a 4-story building, including its exterior façade and outdoor area. Design and develop offices and laboratories under the same roof. Create a functional yet pleasant space hosting offices as well as a state-of-the-art laboratory. Deliver a space that will reflect the contemporary and innovative character of the company.

Our Approach
Managing the reconstruction and renovation of such a large and complex space is never an easy task. Although the project was technically demanding, it also provided significant creative opportunities due to the nature of the company's field, which we believed should be reflected in all the spaces.
For the office spaces, drawing inspiration from the company's identity (logo, products), we created branding elements that, combined with the user-friendly design of the furniture, convey Bioemtech’s modern character. We utilized wood in conjunction with a serene color palette and carefully selected materials to create a natural and welcoming atmosphere for both visitors and employees. Olive green takes center stage, emphasizing the Greek origins of this scientifically pioneering company.
For the research center, the technical aspect played the leading role. The facility is designed to strict specifications, ensuring the best environment. It includes a state-of-the-art laboratory and a designated area for the preparation and disinfection of scientists, ensuring safety and hygiene.

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