creating a
retail identity

a unique
retail identity

The Challenge

The ambition for this project was to create a new, unique retail identity for the Electroline stores. Having been our client since 2010, the Electroline brand has been rethought and redesigned twice, every time aspiring to evolve and create a cosier and more contemporary store image. In 2019, we also introduced a new child brand, "Electroline Home".

The Idea

Electrolines' extensive variety of products, has urged us to design furniture that are able to accommodate every product category present within the stores. At the same time, we adopted a more user-centric approach, creating engaging spaces that allowed the customer to experience as well as interact with the merchandise.

The Execution

Our objective was to propose a variety of adaptable furniture that could keep up with the new product releases. We proposed a kit of parts that had flexibility in assembly and efficiency in manufacture as well as the ability to be reused. Finally, we introduced "experiential zones" dedicated to new, innovating product categories such as the "Smarthome corner", the "Sound & Vision" section and much more.

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