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The Project

Create an artisanal coffee shop with an open space micro bakery and a multifunctional kitchen. Realize the client’s vision to create an inspiring, authentic place designed to reflect transparency, openness and sharing.

The Challenge

Combine style artistry with functionality to create a unique F&B experience for the customers. Adjust a non-commercial building that lacked provisions for F&B activities on a tight deadline. Manage the Design-Build contract by working with different teams in a fast-tracking schedule, ensuring cost-effective on-time delivery.

Our Approach

Agile Project Management & Innovative Design Solutions.
We curated a multifaceted F&B space with attention to detail at the front and at the backstage. Starting with the basics, we designed and developed innovative electromechanical installations to cover ventilation demands as well as the complex needs of multiple food preparation areas, both important for ensuring best customer experience.

Having created a state-of the- art kitchen we then artfully crafted a unique sitting area that marries the warm ambience of an artisanal coffee shop with the delectable aroma of a bakery. The wooden shaders that let you have a 5-sense peek into the open bakery. The custom-crafted cement floor tiles specially colored to align with the design aesthetics. A bespoke mirror crafted with a color gradient technique. The walls coated with a distinctive finish texture and a top-notch design banquette crafted in modular form to optimize efficiency in both production and installation, are some of the details that create a breathtaking visual narrative that immerses guests in the enchanting world of FIXERS.

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