Renovated offices
for ICAP
Outsourcing Solutions

a productive
and pleasant

The Project

ICAP Outsourcing Solutions assigned us to renovate their new offices and create a pleasant working environment that will lead to greater productivity and enhance employee satisfaction and engagement.

The Challenge

Design a call center office space that has the perfect balance between functionality and employee comfort while allowing for efficient communication with the clients. Create a pleasant working environment in a limited space with many working stations. Incorporate the brand’s values and image to build a sense of belonging in the workplace.

Our Approach

We analyzed all activities that operate within space considering three major factors in a workspace: functionality, employee comfort and efficient communication. We opted for an office space to facilitate communication and enhance productivity.

Inspired by the brand’s logo, we created branded visual stimuli based on the company’s values and integrated them subtly into the office design to foster a sense of belonging. We Installed branded sound-absorbing panels between workstations to reduce noise levels, minimize distractions and enhance speech clarity. We used neutral tones on walls and furniture to create a calm atmosphere including color branding elements that add corporate energy to the workspace. Finally, we even incorporated relaxing branded elements in the kitchen which is used as a relaxation zone for employees to recharge during their shifts.

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